Have trouble with your car not starting? Often, a bad battery is why people call for help on the road. At this point you are probably thinking, “where can i get a jump start near me?”

Imagine this scenario. You get in your car, ready to go, turn the key, and… nothing. The engine just won’t start. That’s not the way anyone wants to begin their journey, and sadly, a battery issue is usually the culprit for this kind of trouble.

Batteries can stop working for all sorts of reasons—maybe it’s really cold, you left the lights on, or the car’s been sitting unused for too long. Whatever the reason, a battery that won’t charge up can mess up your plans and leave you stuck.

If it’s just that the battery’s run down, you might be able to get the car going again with some jumper cables or a portable charger. But be careful – there’s a right way to do it, and safety comes first.

Doing it wrong can really mess up your car’s electrical system or even make the battery blow up. Yikes! If you’re not sure about it, it’s best to call for help.

At Berkshire Breakdown Services, we’re here 24/7 to lend a hand. Today, let’s talk about the process of how “jump starts near me” happen.


The Process Of A Jump Start Near Me


A jump start needs a good supply of electric charge in the first place. So, if you’re doing this yourself, you’ll need another car battery that works perfectly. Let’s assume you have a friend’s car to do this and proceed.


Step 1 – Empty the car

First things first, make sure everything in your car (the one with the dead battery) is turned off – lights, radio, everything! We don’t want any extra drain. Now, park your car close to your friend’s car, but make sure they aren’t touching.

You’ll also need those handy jumper cables—make sure they’re untangled and ready for action.


Step 2 – Find the batteries

Pop the hoods of both cars and find the batteries. They’re usually under the hood, but double-check your car’s manual if you’re not sure. With both engines off and keys out, it’s time to connect the cables!


Step 3 – Find the cables

We have two coloured cables: red and black. Remember, red is always the positive (+) hero, and black is the negative (-).

First, connect the red clamp of one cable to the positive terminal of your dead battery. The positive terminal is usually marked with a plus sign (+). After this, connect the other end of the same red cable to the positive terminal of your friend’s fully charged battery.


Step 4 – Connecting the black cable

Now, let’s connect the black cable. Attach the black clamp to the negative terminal (-) of your friend’s battery. For the other end of the black cable, find a bare metal spot on your car’s engine, far away from the battery. This is called a “ground point.”

Think of it as a safe spot for the black cable to rest. A bolt or a bracket on the engine usually works well. Don’t connect it to the negative terminal of your dead battery yet—sparks can happen, and that’s not what we want.


Step 5 – Double-check everything

Once you’ve double-checked that all the connections are snug and on the right spots, your friend can start their car and let it run for a few minutes. Their car will be acting like a giant power bank, charging up your dead battery.

After a few minutes, you should feel a surge of hope (and maybe even hear a soft rumble from your car). Now, it’s your turn to try starting your engine!


Step 6 – Check if it worked

If your car starts right away, give yourself a pat on the back – you’re a jump-starting pro! But sometimes, engines can be a little stubborn. If it doesn’t start on the first try, don’t panic. Turn off both cars, let your friend’s car run for another 10-15 minutes, and then try again.


Step 7 – Disconnect the black cable

If all goes well, keep your car running for a good five minutes to let your battery accept the charge. Finally, disconnect the cables in the reverse order you connected them—the black cable from your car first, then both reds.


Berkshire Breakdown Services To The Rescue!


If your car stays silent after a couple of tries, it might be time to call for a tow truck and have a mechanic take a look. That’s exactly when you should wonder “where can I get a jump start near me.”

Here at Berkshire Breakdown Services, our team is made up of experts who’ve been in the business for more than ten years and are fantastic at what they do. No matter if your car stops working at home, at work, or on the side of the road, we’re all about getting you to your destination safe and sound (and fast).

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t worry if your car cannot start, leave it to the experts and we will get you back on the road in no time—call us today!

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