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Jump Starts Near Me: Can Dead Batteries Be Revived?

When the weather gets colder, your car might have trouble starting. If this happens, how do you make a car battery work again? Is it safe? Are there good jump starts near me to make my car work?

Have you ever revived your car only to have it stop later? Sometimes, changing a battery is the best thing to do, but sometimes, you can make it work again.

Welcome to Berkshire Breakdown Services. Today, we’re talking about car batteries, what makes them weak, and how you might be able to make them work again.

Why Does Winter Make Car Batteries Die?

So, what makes car batteries give up in the winter?

  • Oil Issues

The engine oil doesn’t flow as freely in cold temperatures, demanding an extra power boost from your battery. This problem is particularly significant if your vehicle is due for an oil change.

  • Charge Reduction

An electrochemical reaction sustains the “charge” in your car battery. This process slows down in colder weather, decreasing the battery’s power.

  • Damage From Summer Heat

While the cold winter weather slows your battery, it doesn’t cause damage. However, heat can lead to structural issues. This damage weakens your battery’s ability to withstand the effects of cold weather.

Parking in a garage can protect your battery from damage. Batteries also fail simply because they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Even under perfect conditions, your car battery must be replaced every 3 to 4 years.

Is It Safe To Jump-Start A Dead Car Battery?

Yes, it is, provided you adhere to all safety guidelines. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind:

  • Ensure both vehicles are switched off before connecting the jumper cables
  • Always attach the cables to the dead battery first
  • Once power is flowing through the cables, handle them with care
  • Avoid letting the two ends of the cables touch each other

Each vehicle and engine are unique. For your safety and vehicle safety, please adhere to all jump-starting instructions in your owner’s manual. If you’re uncomfortable using jumper cables, you might consider getting a jump-starter pack.

What about the impact on your car when jump-starting another battery? This process may put a slight strain on your battery and alternator. However, in most instances, this process is harmless. A healthy battery will withstand the jump-start, and your battery will recharge as you drive.

However, if not done correctly, jump-starting another car can pose risks to your vehicle. You’ll want to ensure your car is roughly the same size as the other vehicle, as an excessive power surge can damage the other car’s electrical system.

Difference Between Drained & Dead Car Batteries

A drained car battery is not the same as a dead car battery. For example, forgetting to turn off your headlights all night might drain even a new car battery. But a simple jump-start will get you moving and as you drive, your battery will keep this charge.

On the other hand, once a battery has gone bad, it will need replacement. Old, worn, and rusty car batteries will not keep a charge. So, you should take it to a mechanic right after your jump-start. That’s exactly when you need to look for a “jump start near me”.

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At Berkshire Breakdown Services, we are committed to delivering swift, efficient, and affordable services nationwide.

We recognise a dead battery can strike at the most inconvenient moments, leaving you helpless and exasperated. That’s why we offer prompt and effective jump-start services that swiftly get you back on the move.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience in the field, possessing exceptional skills in this trade. Whether your vehicle has broken down at home, at your workplace, or even on the roadside, we aim to ensure your safety as promptly as possible.

So, contact us today and discuss your jump-start services needs!

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